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Amina Meineker
Amina Meineker

Amina Meineker is a business economist with more than 25 years experience in corporate strategy and finance. She is a pioneer in bridging magic into scientifically proven facts and applicable knowledge for success.

With more than and a decade of internationally teaching at the ‘Harvard of Energy Medicine”, Amina distilled the essence of leadership, change and innovation. As an international speaker Amina delights her clients and her audience with her profound knowledge and her sense of humor. She likes to laugh and says: “We take our work seriously, but ourselves not so much.”

Clemens Mucharski

Clemens has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years. He is an explorer and a scientist to demystify and to deeply understand how disease and how health are created. Clemens Mucharski is a master in moving energies and in making change possible. He reliably identifies blockades in people and in organizations and is always able to find a way to resolve them. With his deep calm and serenity, he enables his clients to feel safe and to step into the unknown.

He likes to be comfortable and wonders why men should wear suits in business.

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