Change Base Camp

The DNA of successful change: decoded, to the point und efficient.

Change Base Camp

Change does not have to be difficult

We underestimate the human capacity for change: We focus too much on the difficulties instead of our huge potential to shape the future. It is time to changethat. Are you on board?

Change Base Camp teaches you the scientific foundation, the prerequisites and the precise steps of successful Change.

A “base camp” is a place where people gather before they set out to achieve something great (like climbing a mountain). They check if everything is in place for a successful mission: If everybody knows the goal and has all the equipment that is needed.

This is exactly what our Change Base Camp does: Here your people will be prepared and equipped with all they need. The goals are as clear as the challenges and as the way to master them. Everything is set up for success.
Let‘s go!

When is it time for Change Base Camps?

  • Fast growth
  • Leadership develeopment
  • Team building
  • Restructuring
  • Opening / closing of business areas
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Strategic reorientation
  • New leadership
  • Improving Corporate Culture
  • Ambitious Goals

Change Base Camp Content

  • Change – Mindset – Success: Requirements for successful change
  • Four phases of any change and why resistance is part of it
  • Thoughts, emotions and brain waves during change
  • The infinite potential of humanity: Innovation and creative power
  • Set for success: Purpose, Passion and Profits
  • Unleashing potential every day


  • Improving communication
  • More collaboration
  • Better team work
  • More fun
  • More appreciation
  • Less stress, less pressure and fewer conflicts
  • Better bottom line results

Base Camps for a whole team or company significantly improve corporate culture.


One-day or Two-day Change Base Camps


short and to the point

595,-  per participant

(plus MWSt, minimum number of participants: 6)


More time for questions, exchange and practising techniques

975,-  per participant

(plus MWSt, minimum number of participants: 6)


Be among the best. Master change.

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