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Times are changing. Innovative leadership

Change - the constant of our time

Change is the constant of our time. Great leaders are masters of leading people into an unknown future. It takes these abilities:

  1. Mastering the anatomy of change (4 phases)
  2. Recognizing and utilizing human reactions in each phase.
  3. Understanding the scientific foundation (neuroscience, biology, physics and psychology)
  4. Be able to change yourself
  5. Be able to inspire others to change – with passion, trust and tenacity

The DNA of Change

Friction and frustration with change processes cost us billions every year. Understand the DNA of Change and learning how to use our whole brain makes change easier. Lead others to lasting success by applying cutting-edge neuroscience.As a result, the new software is not just introduced, but truly used by your team. As a result, new leadership structures are not just announced but actually followed. As a result, new ideas are actually put into action for better results.

Be the change you want to see in the world. (Mahatma Ghandi)

Innovation is to do something we have never done before. (Amina Meineker)

Innovation – Daring the New

Horse carriages, analogue cameras, printed map or fax machines. Electric cars, smart phones, GPS navigation, 3D printers or drones. We are experiencing the biggest economic transformation since the industrialization. The big shift on the job market has just begun. Successful leaders of the future know how to maximize the innovative potential of their teams. This is what it takes:

  1. Purpose: Why does your company exist? How does it benefit the world?
  2. Passion for this purpose
  3. A Corporate Culture of performance and collaboration (as opposed to fear, pressure and competition): People innovate, when they feel safe
  4. Permission for „Trial & Error“
  5. Systematically accessing the quantum field, the „cloud“ of all knowledge

Leadership - Character and Mastery

Cooperative, authorative, charismatic or bureaucratic … are the names of different leadership styles. They all describe how leaders direct the energy von people and projects – each in their own way. To motivate people is the ability to direct the energy of people towards a desired outcome. Great leaders are masters in consciously directing their own energy and the energy of others.

Here are their traits:

  1. Character–consciousness: Knowing your own energy and ist effect on others
  2. Self-Mastery: Emotions are energies. Mastering them means to be able to steer them constructively.
  3. Stress resilience: Be the calm in the storm. For yourself and for others. Choose your brains leadership-mode and not survival-mode
  4. Empowering others.
  5. Vision: Embody and convey the companies purpose. People are unstoppable when they buy into the leader and into the vision. The Art of Leadership is the ability to make both happen.

Leadership begins with character. (Amina Meineker)



Silicon Valley & Navy SEALs

For many years, innovative pioneers have been researching the secret ingredients of innovation, creativity and successful collaboration. It’s about competitive advantages and world peace.
What makes people have brilliant ideas? How do they work together so that everyone benefits? Google, Facebook and Navy SEALs train their managers in character building, emotional intelligence and intuitive decision-making. They promote mindfulness and meditation as methods to develop compassion, stress resilience and visionary thinking. Audi in Germany also started doing this.

Like it or not: For Google, it has worked quite well in the past 10 years.
Do you want that, too? Then you found the right partner with Corporate Passion.

Creativity is a state of being

Creative thinking results in inspiration and innovation. It is not a technique, but a mindset. It requires us to use our brains differently than we normally do. The “usual craziness” in the office leaves little room for creativity. The pressure is on and we have so much to do. We are frequently interrupted and our attention jumps from one topic to another. Our brain frequencies are in a beta range between 20 and 30 Hz of concentrated focus to stress. But brilliant flashes of inspiration only arise at lower brain frequencies in the alpha to delta ranges.
We teach our clients how to calm and lower their brain frequencies. Done before meetings, they become shorter, more constructive, more fun and achieve better results. Immediately.


As a company grows, more leadership is needed. More employees, more departments, more coordination do not always lead to better quality. The best employee in a field becomes the head of the department – often a challenging transition for everybody. Leading people requires different skills than to be great in a specific field. When people step up into leadership roles, it is only fair to train them for it.
We train leaders. It leads to our customers telling us: “Our growth of the past years was only possible because we worked with Corporate Passion.”

Corporate Culture

Every company has unwritten laws. Things that are allowed or not: If the boss rounds up everyone who does something without her blessing, soon no one will act without consulting her. If the boss tends to fire people who no longer fit him, there will always be fear. If, on the other hand, non-performers are not let go, but are only pushed onto the siding, top performers will resent that. If you want your team to really collaborate, your compensation structure must not reward individual performance.
Consciously shaping the culture of a company means being aware of and steering the energetic effects of all factors. The Art of Leadership is to create a safe field for people to grow beyond themselves and to achieve a common, greater goal. If you succeed, your people will do everything for you.
Working with us means revealing the unwritten laws of your company and learning how to change them.

Character & Mastery

Much more than we believe is possible

Destiny is now. Your actions today determine your tomorrow.
Train yourself and your team to be the great leaders of the future.

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