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For over 25 years she successfully facilitates transformations for people and organizations. Amina is a leading expert for leadership & change. As an international speaker she has inspired thousands all over the world.

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My feet are wet again. Water flowing through our living room. Every year in September we put all our stuff up on the shelves. Every year in September my town floods. For three generations our mayors have done nothing but to prepare for the flood. Building dams and moving sandsacks – to no avail. 
A solution seems to be impossible…

In that flooded village a wise one came to visit on day. She heard about the problem and she says:
“Change is always possible. Every river has a source. If you find the source, you only need to put your hand in the water to change the course of the whole river. It will never flood your town again.”

The villagers invite her to show them how to do that. After she left they told her story for a long long time… and it always started like this:  “We never thought this was possible…”

„What is possible?“ „How exactly do we do it?“

Every problem has a source. Every collaboration of people has an energetic structure. It is either jammed or it flows. The Art of Leadership is to let the energy of people flow freely into the desired direction. When this happens we call it good vibes, team spirit, passion or flow. Nothing can stop us, we find a solution for everything and truly work together. As a team we are invincible.

Everything is possible now.

Amina inspires her clients and her audience with clarity, empathy and humor. Her speeches are pure inspiration, wisdom and touch your heart. Change, Innovation and Leadership are the challenges of our time. Prerequisites and elements of successful leadership can be defined very clearly. 
Amina uncovers them and gives you key competitive advantages.


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Amina Meineker

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Amina Meineker


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