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InLeadership - Innovative

InLeadership means innovative Leadership. InLeadership holds the abilities and techniques you need to successfully lead others into the future. The methods are new and unconventional in business so far. They are scientifically sound and they work. They may may be different from anything you have done so far. That is what innovation always looks like.

InLeadership Base-Training

Our Base-Training teaches you the scientific foundation, the prerequisites and the precise steps of innovative Leadership. Afterwards, the goals are as clear as the challenges and as the way to master them. Everything is set up for success.


  • Change – Innovation – Success: Requirements for successful leadership
  • Four phases of change and why resistance is part of it
  • Thoughts, emotions and brain: Consciousness, focus and mindfulness
  • Emotional intelligence or the steering of human energies: Energy is the leading factor.
  • The infinite potential of humanity: Innovation, creative power and how to implement it every day
  • Set for success: Purpose, Passion and Profits

When to book our base-training

  • Fast growth
  • New leadership
  • Team building
  • Restructuring
  • Opening / closing of business areas
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • New strategy
  • Leadership development
  • Improving Corporate Culture
  • Ambitious Goals

Inhouse seminar program:

  1. Briefing and focus interviews with a representative number of participants
  2. InLeadership Base-Training (one or two day workshop
  3.  Four weekly follow-up video meetings

InLeadership Intensive-Training

Our Intensive-Training is personal development on the highest and most effective level. It requires to have taken the base training first.


Techniques and methods of InLeadership are deepened, practised and applied. Emotional triggers are dissolved a a much larger range of possibilities unlocked. Emotional Intelligence is systematically trained  Peaceful and constructive conflict resolution is as much part of the curriculum as reliably inducing creativity and innovation. 

When to book our intensive-training

  1. When focusing on personal development of leaders
  2. When creating common ground in values
  3. When intending to improve corporate culture most effectively

Inhouse seminar program:

  1. Briefing 
  2. InLeadership Intensive-Training
    (two five day workshop about 2 months apart)
  3.  Four weekly follow-up video meetings after both weeklong sessions 


Depending on the demands of the group our InLeadership Base-Training can be one or two days.

One day InLeadership Base-Training

short and to the point

795,-  per participant

(plus MWSt, minimum number of participants: 8)

One day InLeadership Base-Training

More time for questions, exchange and practising techniques

1.275,-  per participant

(plus MWSt, minimum number of participants: 8)

InLeadership Benefits

  • Better communication
  • More Passion, more Profits
  • More collaboration and appreciation
  • Higher stress resilience and better performance
  • Fewer sick days
  • Better bottom-line results

InLeadership Trainings for whole teams or companies significantly improve corporate culture.



Go for the best. Master the future.

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